About Infinite Fitness

We are passionately committed to our mission of empowering and inspiring you to live life to the fullest by adopting a healthy and fit lifestyle. Promoting balance between your body, mind and soul.

Tristan Zapata and Jessica Zapata are the founders of Infinite Fitness and have a combined experience of over 35 years in the fitness industry. They have been featured in National magazines including Chatelaine and In Health Canada. They have received numerous awards in the health and fitness industry including Personal Trainer of the Year and Fitness Manager of the Year. 

As a training studio, we differentiate ourselves from a standard fitness gym because we operate from a "quality of experience" focus versus a pure volume model like most large clubs. Because we don't have 8000 members to manage, we can really take care of our clients. We pride ourselves on our attention to details and the service and value we offer to people who have trusted us with their health and fitness.

Our primary focus is to ensure our clients achieve the goals they have set for themselves. You see, there are a lot of people out there who pay for a gym membership but never actually use it. 

And that's a critical aspect of a gym membership, you actually have to use it to get results!! If you don't show up, we'll be calling to find out why! It's exactly this type of accountability that most people need to help them stick to a program and get great results! We operate from a belief that everyone should have a trainer, even if only once a month. We want all our clients to see the value in having a personal coach oversee their program and progress. We've learned over the years that without this type of customized attention, the majority of people never achieve their goals. We don't want this for our clients!

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