fitilates Reformer for Athletes

This class is taught by:

Paula Pascual

STOTT Pilates Certified
Personal Trainer(canfitpro)
Group Fitness Certified (AFLCA)

Paula’s fitness journey started twenty years ago when she started exercising to loose baby weight after the birth of her first two kids. Wasn’t long after, she was teaching step classes and started running. After her twins were born, she realized her passion for health and wellness through impacting participants in classes, and began her fitness journey.

In-between raising kids, Paula acquired different certifications to teach many styles of fitness classes but after taking STOTT Pilates ten years ago, knew that was her favourite.

Paula’s philosophy is ‘Live your Passion’and that is why she’s thrilled to have the opportunity to share her passion through teaching Pilates. Aligning the body and mind is the foundation for all movement through activities to everyday life. Paula believes in helping participants create strong, mindful movement in order to achieve fitness goals

Paula’s personal athletic journey continues as she’s training for running events and her favourite, 70.3 triathlons.
Crossing finish lines and reaching goals fuels her passion everyday.

Calling all athletes looking for a fantastic complementary workout to their current training regimen! Fitilates Reformer Pilates classes allow your body to recuperate while still remaining challenging enough to increase your fitness and make you work! These classes are great for endurance athletes who need the extra core strength, for anyone looking to up their game by focusing on postural muscle groups and body awareness, anyone interested in increasing their flexibility and mobility, and for the necessary prevention of injury and over-use. If you are looking for a strength program to complement your sport that will help you build a killer core, boost your flexibility and cinch your waistline, all while staying injury free, look no further!