Be Fit, Not Fat

The number one reason clients consult with us is to help them manage their weight and lets be honest, Canadians are getting unhealthier each and every year.  Health-related disease such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, and various forms of cancer are at an all-time high. Plus we must consider the effect of excess weight and unhealthy lifestyle on our joints and backs, not to mention the psychological effects on our self-esteem and confidence! 

At Infinite Fitness, we want you to focus on your fitness, not your fatness. What does that mean exactly?? Have you ever noticed that people who are active or play sports always seem to be able to do more things – they just appear to enjoy life more than their sedentary, unfit counterparts. They are able to move their body with more ease and generally have no problem carrying out normal activities of daily living. Of course, fit people generally do not smoke, so they are less likely to get cancer than smokers. They generally don't carry a lot of excess body fat so they suffer fewer heart attacks than those unfit. Fit people have stronger lungs, muscles, joints, bones, immune system, and healthier hearts. Their cholesterol levels and blood pressure measurements are better.  With these facts in mind, you can see why we are so passionate about the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. 

While weight loss is often an initial goal for many of us, when we focus on our fitness instead of our weight, we start to notice those extra benefits such as less stress, more in control, better sleep and night and more energy. Overall we just feel better! Tapping into the feeling of fitness motivates you to keep going, to see more performance related results, and guess what... weight loss just tends to happen as a side effect!
Most people recognize the benefits of exercise and eating well. Many have good intentions and decide to make some changes.  In fact, Canadians have no problem initiating the process. We have done it numerous times (like every January 1st, or you know, every Monday). We tend to lose the same fat over and over again. Our struggle isn't losing the weight, our struggle lies in the challenge of keeping the weight off.  Most people who undertake an exercise and nutrition program have not really taken the time to fully understand the complexity of the process.  If you are going to be successful at initiating these major changes in your life and, more importantly, maintaining the changes, you are going to have to establish a very strong foundation for success. 

Weight loss and fitness have become a million dollar industry. There are literally hundreds of exercises, nutrition, fat loss and health books on the shelves at book stores; with most of these books, you read them and then they go back on the bookshelf. By the time you start to initiate any of the changes, you have forgotten what those changes were in the first place and you have probably lost the motivation anyway.   
Research demonstrates that the safest and most effective program for optimal health and ideal weight management is a program that combines exercise and a healthy diet.  We're going to coach you and guide you through both. You will learn the most effective exercise and nutrition tips for improving your overall health, fitness and energy levels.  More importantly than just knowing the information, research also shows that you must be involved in the process to enhance success. You know your body and life better than anyone. It’s never successful if we just blindly tell a client what to do without considering their individual scenario. So we need you to help us help you!  We are firm believers that there is no quick-fix solution.  If you want something enough, expect to put forth a bit of effort.  You know what they say - if anything is worth getting, it is worth working for!  So, it will not be a ‘walk in the park’, but we can guarantee that it is probably not going to be as difficult as you would imagine.  Every session with us will take you closer to success.  Every "homework assignment" you complete will give you the confidence and self-esteem to know you can accomplish the next goal.  It is all about "Results Momentum".  If we ask you to do something – even a very small task – when you complete it, you have succeeded.  This will give you momentum so the next goal becomes that much easier.  If you do not do the task – no matter how insignificant, it makes it easier to skip out on other tasks – perhaps those that are much more important to your success.  Think of this process as a series of very small baby steps and each one takes you closer and closer to your PERSONAL BEST!

Are you ready to stop the madness of yo-yo dieting and starting "new" each and every week?  Remember, we have full confidence that you can do this because we know "If you think you can, you can!"  Plus we are here to support you throughout the entire process. Call us today 780-435-7111 to find out how you can get started on your own personal health and fitness journey immediately.


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