Fall 2016 Infinite Transformation Winner

Congratulations to Natasha Chiam​, the Grand Prize Winner of our 8-week Infinite Transformation Challenge. We're excited to share her inspiring story with all of you. Let's start 2017 full of inspiration and determination!!

Natasha is an inspirational story! She is a wife, a mother of two children and lives every day with Rheumatoid Arthritis! She has also had bilateral hip replacements and just recently (less than 3 weeks ago) a total knee replacement.

She is a true representative of community, kindness, and motivational force within Infinite Fitness.

Natasha has mentioned that she never feels limited to what she can do as we always make her feel safe and in control of her body. Natasha joined our fall fitness challenge first asking should she do it? We of course said “YES”, why wouldn’t you join!

The transformation challenge is never just about a number on the scale but rather a focus on fitness. Prior to the challenge Natasha was in studio for 3 workouts a week consisting of two private half hour personal training sessions and a fitilates reformer class. Once she joined the challenge, she increased her weekly frequency to 5 workouts a week with two private half hour personal training sessions, one reformer fitilates class, and two small group training sessions - including one at 6:30am (which was not an hour she saw in studio before, lol). Her goals specifically were what she called the 5/5/5 challenge but really it became the 5/5/5/5 challenge (5lbs down, 5 inches lost, 5 assisted pull-ups, consistently 5 workouts a week).

Like everyone, nothing worth it is an easy process but our hearts swelled to witness her determination even through tolerable pain to push herself to be stronger for herself and her family.

Natasha achieved her goals throughout the challenge. She is 4.5 lbs down, 7.75 inches lost, and 5.5 assisted pull-ups and maintained her 5 workouts a week. Through adversary she has came out victorious! We our so proud of you Natasha and it goes to show no matter a persons ability achieving what you want can happen. It’s your will that made it be!