When You Come Back To Your Why

Whenever you decide to make a change; whether it’s getting rid of a bad habit or introducing a new healthier one, to be successful you need to have a strong sense of why you have made the decision.

When your why is strong, decision making is easier. Your path becomes clearer. Now don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying it will be easy - but you feel confident in your choices and you begin to trust the process.

This sounds a lot like I am talking about your health and fitness goals. And I am. Sort of. You can use this philosophy to achieve a variety of goals and I have witnessed numerous people reach new levels because their why game was strong. But this story isn’t entirely about you.

2017 marked a milestone for Infinite Fitness: we hit our 10 year business anniversary. In that time we have grown a community filled of inspiring clients and a team of dedicated instructors, trainers and front-end staff.

But it’s also been a tense few months, and amidst the chaos and confusion Tristan and I suddenly developed clarity and confidence. We had stepped too far away from the why we started with. We let the business dictate our why instead of the other way around. We had become disenchanted with the craziness that is this industry and we felt lost. We began to talk more and more about why we created Infinite Fitness, what our vision was and how in an industry of crazy, we needed to rise above the noise and bring back movement, wellness, performance and fitness.

Part of coming back to that why is sharing it with all of you; those of you who have been on this journey with us, whether from afar or walking right beside us. We are determined to accept nothing less than the best, starting with ourselves.

Our Why

Both Tristan and I trained in big-box facilities for almost 5 years. We were successful trainers and managers of training teams that accomplished great things. But we saw a disconnect. So many of our clients only stepped foot in the gym when they were training with us. They paid monthly fees to access the gym they never used and then paid our personal training rate (which was actually higher than it is now) on top of that!

We set out to create an environment that put you, the client, first. Our vision was to create a facility without monthly dues, where clients would only pay for the services they used. Perhaps from the outside it seems a little more complicated than a ‘one-size-fits-all solution, but if you think of it as à la carte, it actually makes sense! If you want to take group classes, you pay for those. Work with a personal trainer and pay only the training fee. Take small group specialized classes, again pay for that service. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to try different things and being involved in different programs without being tied to a lengthy contract. Think about it… big boxes actually bank on you not using your membership. It’s in our best interest (and yours, if you want to reach your goal) for you to use what you pay for here!

We also set out to create a community where a team of professionals worked collaboratively. Our industry is full of burnout and as you all know, at any time a trainer may choose to leave a given facility, or the industry completely. We recognize that we have our share of turnover but it’s nothing like what I experienced in a big gym. Back then, when I was just training, I often wouldn’t even talk to the new trainers until they lasted at least 2 months, knowing that they often didn’t make it (I know, that’s horrible!).

Over the last 10 years we have changed the way the industry works, at least within our four walls. Everyone has set shifts. We all have a chance to develop work-life balance and to share and collaborate with one another in a way that is usually unheard of. As a client, you benefit from this collaboration with the best possible programming, by feeling comfortable in the studio regardless of who is training you and by becoming part of the Infinite Fitness family; not just Jessica’s client.

Perhaps the most important part of our why was our love and concern for the health and fitness of all our clients. We see ourselves as the way to truly live your best life. To move with decreased limitations. To experience an increase in energy. To feel better about yourself inside and out.

The fitness industry has changed a lot in the past 10 years, and to be honest, it’s not for the better (but that is another blog entry entirely). We got wrapped up in the noise and the pressure to keep up and to compete. But when we examine our why, it’s evident that we are not meant to compete with the noise. We are here to rise up above the noise.

It’s our mission to give you results by building your body up, not breaking you down.

As we come back to our why, we come back to our core values:

Passion. Passionate about fitness, health, quality of life.
Energy. Because you have to give to receive.
Commitment. To the industry, each other and most importantly, to you.

So here we are, trusting the process. It’s not easy but it’s clear. It’s exciting and a bit scary. Hold on tight, we’re grateful you’re along for the ride!

Yours in Fitness and Fierceness,
Jessica Zapata
co-Founder and co-Owner of Infinite Fitness


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