How often should I train with Infinite Fitness?
Your frequency of training depends on your goals, budget and availability but we strongly recommend that you set aside at least two to three times a week to focus on your goals. This doesn’t mean you have to have a one on one session every time, you can attend our group fitness classes, fitilates reformer classes or any of our Semi Private Conditioning classes. The key is being consistent and ensuring your goals are important to you.
We also recommend that you give yourself three to six months of consistent training to reach your goals. Great things will happen before then, some things will take longer. But within three to six months you will see and feel improvement in all aspects of your health and fitness. Remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight and neither a better you!

Why do I need a fitness assessment within my first month of joining Infinite Fitness?
At Infinite Fitness we are committed to making your experience with us about you! We are not a facility that believes in a one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore all Infinite Fitness members whether they participate in one-on-one fitness training, fitilates Reformer classes or any of our 25+ group fitness classes, must have an assessment within their first month of joining.
In the assessment, we will measure your body composition, perform a cardiovascular test, look at your current muscular strength and endurance and assess your posture and range of motion. All of this info goes into assisting you in getting the most out of your Infinite Fitness experience. You will be one on one with a Personal Trainer at this time and will be able to ask any of your health and fitness questions; after all we are here to see you succeed in reaching your fitness goals!
Even if this seems very unnecessary, trust us, it is. We are here to ensure you get personalized attention no matter what type of training you do here. It’s what makes us different and it’s what gets you results!

What happens before the first session?
You will complete an eight-page Client Information questionnaire (found under the TOOLS tab above). The information gathered in the questionnaire is critical to helping us design the most individualized program for you. It takes into account your medical, injury and physical fitness history, your current lifestyle, your present level of fitness and type of activities, your nutritional habits and more.
We will be able to take this information along with your goals, interests and needs and create a custom-designed program that will make it easier for you to follow and achieve results. It will take you a bit of time to complete the questionnaire but we encourage you to be thorough in order to provide us with all the tools necessary to really help you achieve your goals safely, effectively and permanently. And that way they won’t be wasting any time during your first session trying to gather information and instead can focus on the training program.

What happens in my first session?
Your first session with Infinite Fitness is critical to helping you set up a foundation for success. Seven out of ten people start an exercise program but then within two to three months they have dropped out. This high drop-out rate is often due to the fact that the individual has not spent any time establishing the right program for them based on their history, goals, individual needs and lifestyle. We spend a good portion of the first session talking with their new client to determine which type of program is going to help them stay motivated so they are consistent enough to progress, experience results and succeed. We have established a 4-step process for motivation that we teach all of our clients to ensure they stick to the program.

What happens if I need to reschedule my session/class?
No problem. Just be sure to call at least 24 hours before your scheduled session or class. This advanced warning is required so that your Personal Trainer can then book another client into your time slot.

What happens if I don't give 24 hours notice?
Unfortunately, due to high demand on our Personal Trainers' time, if you do not provide 24 hours notice, you will still be charged for the session. Our Trainers spend a lot of time preparing for their clients before the first session so in all fairness and respect to them, we require advanced notice in order to reschedule. Keep in mind though; this policy is helpful to you, too. Clients are less likely to miss their workouts and renege on their commitment to themselves if they know they still have to pay. This keeps you accountable to yourself and your goals. And consistency is what gets results!

Are your classes beginner friendly?
Yes! All of our classes are taught by our certified Personal Trainers and instructors who have extensive knowledge in how to modify exercises if needed to suit all levels.

I’ve been working out for a while, will I find your classes too easy?
No one’s ever told us class was too easy!! We look for ways to push you to be your best each and every workout. Whether you’ve been working out for years or your brand new, we promise you a great workout!

Are your classes drop-in or do I need to register?
Our group fitness classes are considered drop-in BUT we strongly recommend that you register for your class in advance. This accomplishes two things:
1.     You are guaranteed a spot. We like to keep our classes small to guarantee individual attention and progression. If the class uses equipment, this guarantees you get a spot.
2.     The instructor can plan appropriately knowing how many students are coming and who they are. We don’t just “wing” things at Infinite Fitness. If we know who’s coming we can plan our class appropriately to ensure everyone feels like the workout is just for them.

The classes I want to get into are full, now what?
Put yourself on the waitlist. 90% of the time, you’ll get in. As soon as you move off the waitlist and into the class you’ll receive an email and/or a phone call from us to confirm you’ll be able to make the class.

What do I need to bring to my class?
Dress in comfortable clothes (sometimes layers are really helpful) and bring a water bottle to fill up with our fresh, filtered water. The music can get loud, bring a pair of ear plugs if that makes you uncomfortable.
If you are taking any of our Indoor Cycling classes, we recommend you wear; tight fitting pants, capri’s or shorts; stiff soled indoor shoes (no minimalist shoes). If you want to “clip in”, our bikes accommodate SPD clips.
Bring your own mat for Spinyasa and Mat Pilates.

I've never done Reformer Pilates before, how do I start?
Start with our introductory offer and enjoy 3 classes. You will become accustom to the exercises, reformer and breathing. From there you can choose a 10 class pass auto renewal membership or a 15 class pass to keep your training going. 

What should I wear to Pilates /fitilates class? What do I need to bring?
Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement. Clothing should be snug so that your instructor is able to see your body placement and lines. Socks are mandatory while on the reformer. We recommend Toe Sox as they have a non-slip grip and ability to independently spread your toes. For your convenience, we have them available in studio for purchase
Bring a water bottle from home, we do have a water cooler available to fill it as needed.

Are Pilates/fitilates classes drop-in or do I need to register?
All of our Pilates reformer classes work on a class pass but your Reformer needs to be reserved prior to class. Since classes are small, reservations are the only way that we can guarantee your spot.

Extra Info
• We ask that you bring a water bottle with you for each workout. We have fresh, filtered water available to fill your bottle with. To hydrate adequately, drink plenty of fluids during your training sessions.
• We recommend that you use a heart rate monitor during your session (particularly cardio training sessions) We do offer a few models of Polar Heart Rate monitors for purchase in the studio.
• We are a scent-free studio. Please be mindful of this before applying perfumes and scented lotions before your workout. Heavy amounts can be very disruptive to those with allergies.
• Cleanliness is a high priority for us. If you ever notice something that has been overlooked and should be taken care of immediately, please inform our front desk customer service reps or one of our Trainers and we will take care of it right away. We have hourly cleanliness checks and a thorough cleaning is completed each day. You can also assist in keeping our training studio tidy, by placing all towels in laundry baskets when finished with them, tossing all garbage in the waste baskets provided and wiping any spilled water.
• To help us maintain a clean and hygienic environment, we ask that all clients wipe down equipment and mats after usage. Disinfectant spray bottles are located in all four studios.
• We ask that you lock up your items in the locker area. We do provide complimentary locks. We ask that when you are done with your workouts you bring all personal items home with you (including shoes and water bottles). Thank you in advance for your understanding.
• Sweat towels are available on the studio floor and shower towels are available in the locker areas. When finished, please return all towels to the towel baskets provided in each locker area.
• As a convenience to our clients, we offer various locker room amenities including shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion, shaving cream, razors, and more. If we have overlooked stocking up on a certain supply, please inform the front desk customer service reps or one of our Trainers and we will take care of it immediately.
• To enhance an environment that allows you to escape the demands of the world and to enable you to focus better doing your workouts therefore enhancing results, we ask that you turn off all cell phones in all workout areas.
• To maintain our relaxing environment and for the safety of your children, we cannot accommodate unsupervised children. In the event that you must bring your child with you, you can choose to have a coaching session in your trainer's office. For liability reasons, children cannot play on any equipment unless they are actually scheduled for a training session and a parent waiver has been signed. Please do not interpret this as us not loving kids. Most of us have children and want to encourage a healthy lifestyle for them. However, in order to respect our clients' needs for a safe and calm environment and because of our space restrictions, we cannot currently offer a children's exercise or daycare program.
• In order to take full advantage of a proper warm-up and cool down, secure your space and equipment, and so as to not to disturb your fellow workout buddies, we ask that you arrive on time and stay until the end of all Group Fitness and fitilates Reformer classes. If you are running late or absolutely need to leave early, we ask that you enter or exit quickly and quietly. Please understand that entering or leaving a Yoga program or any type of session during a meditative, focused segment can be disruptive to the other exercisers.
• To allow your Personal Trainer or Instructor to best guide you appropriately through each workout, please advise them if you are a beginner, pregnant, have high blood pressure or any other medical condition, injury, or pain that may affect your session.