Infinite EATS

The Start Is What Stops Most People. Don't Let That Be You This Year.



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We've been helping people achieve amazing results for over the past 10 years and are excited to launch our 12-week Infinite Eats Program. We know that the first 3 months of any diet or fitness program is the hardest to stick to s we've created a program to keep you accountable 24/7 out of the studio.

This program includes:

  • Our Exclusive Online Nutritional Program (Infinite Eats - 12 weeks to better eating with education, behavioural modification and action items each week)
  • Fit For Life Book and Manual
  • Accountability and Support Group

This 3 month program is designed to get you that JumpStart you need to establish healthy new habits and reach your health and fitness goals. There are no fads here or quick fixes. Just real, sustainable results!





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"For me it was about committing to finally doing a challenge giving 100% effort the whole way through. I've done a number of Infinite challenges and given up in week 4 or 5.
I set simple goals for myself this time so I wouldn't get overwhelmed or frustrated.
Trying on dresses this morning trying to decide what to wear to my company party tonight, I fit in to so many that I haven't fit in a long time, or never had the chance to wear. I finally am pulling some of what I call my "big girl" dresses...ones that were extra long or extra loose, and am putting them in my donation pile. Which at first caused me a bit of anxiety because they were my fall back clothes for when I always fell off the wagon. This morning I gratefully am letting them go."
~Patti J