Infinite Fitness will operate within SPARK Sport Conditioning;  a World Class Facility


January 14, 2019, Infinite Fitness will be operating within SPARK Sport Condition and The Bridge Advance Sports Therapy location at 1979-111 St NW (above Kinsmen Twin Hockey Arenas). This will allow us to continue to service our clients with the same great programming you have come to love, plus the ability to be a member of the SPARK community and consult with The Bridge’s rehab professionals, including Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists on site.

Our current team of Fitness Professionals will continue servicing our programs at this new facility. Personal Training, Small Group PT, Pilates Reformer and Group Fitness classes will all still be offered.Our new class schedule will be released on December 21. We do anticipate changes to this schedule but we are also excited to be able to offer some new class options.

SPARK operates in Edmonton since 2007 where Kim Layton and his staff have worked with thousands of people, including University, National and Professional athletes. He has gone on to create and implement a vision of collaborating with a team of professionals focused on both rehabilitation and performance. His experience and expertise made this move the right choice.

Please note that this is a decision that we have not taken lightly. Economically, we are unable to continue to operate Infinite Fitness in a retail space without pricing ourselves out of the market. We have spent most of 2018 looking at a variety of options and operating under an established facility less than 4km away makes the most sense for everyone.

All packages and memberships will continue as usual. We hope that you are as excited as we are for this new opportunity and look forward to continuing to provide you the classes, programs and trainers that you have come to love.


FAQ About The Move


I'm worried about the commute, you are currently so close to my house!

  • We are still close to your house! In fact, the new facility is just up the street, just south of 23 avenue and 111 street. There are easy access points from the Henday, Whitemud and 23 avenue. we have google mapped some different areas our clients come from, including Windermere, Laurier, Terwillegar, Brookview, etc and it hasn't added more than 4 minutes! We think this is a big win, plus it lets you listen to one more pump up song before your workout ;)


So, is this the Kinsmen at the bottom of Walterdale Hill??

  • No, no, not the Kinsmen Field House! The Kinsmen we alluded to in our original post is the Kinsmen Twin Hockey Arenas, just south of 23 ave and on 111 street. Sometimes we forget that not everyone's weekends revolve around hockey like ours - hahaha!!


Here's a look on Google Maps where it will be:


Infinite Fitness to Spark map


Are all the trainers coming with you?

  • Yes! We are excited that the Infinite Trainers are over the moon with the new space, and will all be joining us at Spark Sport Conditioning. So will our current CSRs (the familiar faces you see every time at the front) and most of our Group Fitness Instructors!


What about spin classes?

  • Unfortunately, spin as we have come to love it within these four walls will no longer be. As it is right now, the facility is not conducive to the atmosphere and style of classes that you have grown to love. We feel sadden by this as well (especially Jessica as she pioneered the program and has created an instructor training program just for indoor cycling). But for now, this was the one, and only thing that we can not continue. But why not commit to trying something new for 2019? - good things often come for those that step outside their comfort zone! At one point many of you were hesitant to spin and now can't imagine not - We're willing to bet that exact thing may happen with some of the new classes as well.


What new classes are being offered?

  • There will still be cardio, strength training and low impact options. Click here to check our group fitness schedule


What about reformer? Will those classes still be offered?

  • Absolutely! All of the fitilates/Pilates classes will run as per usual plus we will be adding more. The current class schedule is already in Mindbody and available for booking. We won't have the pretty brick wallpaper that we love, but will have an area that is sectioned off and private from the rest of the facility. We know that you're coming for the great workout anyways, not the wallpaper ;)


What about my current membership and packages?

  • All memberships, class passes and packages continue as per usual. The only change will be the location. Gift cards, gift certificates, promo items are all still valid.


Is SPARK Sport Conditioning a big box gym?

  • No, not at all. SPARK like us, is community focused. Their client focus has been primarily on team training and CrossFit style classes, which is why a collaboration with Infinite Fitness makes sense. Just like us, people are not able to use the facility unless they are in a class or session. It is our goal to make your classes and sessions feel just as private and intimate as they currently do. We look forward to your feedback after the move on how we can service you best.


Are there change rooms? Towel service?

  • The change rooms are beautiful. The facility is less than a year old and provides larger change rooms that we currently have with fully stocked amenities. Towel service will continue as it currently is.


Hopefully this helps, if we are forgetting anything, please do not hesitate to reach out.

"I love working out here! The trainers are very good, knowledgable and friendly. There are so many options and times for classes that I am always able to get a great workout in. Tristan and Jessica make the perfect owners and always have time to make you feel important. If you are looking for a smaller, more intimate gym, then I highly suggest checking it out!"
~ Adam D