Pre Registered Programs & Seminars

Mobility for Performance

(with Karl Gellert)


This 1 1/2 workshop is focused on using mobility to unlock your performance and reduce your chances of injury. Whether it's running faster, flipping a tire for Femsport or just improving your WOW time, every person who attends will get a personalized routine to reduce their injury and unlock their athletic performance!Space is limited to six people so sign up ASAP!


How to Squats Seminar

(with Marc Roy)


Walk away from this workshop with a deeper understanding of proper bracing techniques, progressions of the squat and optimal set up and execution.
This will establish more confidence in your lifts, leading to higher numbers on the bar but more importantly, making it a safer training session so you can enjoy lifting for many years to come.
Limited to 6 people - sign up soon!