Private Personal Training

Personal Training conjures different meanings for all people depending on their own health and fitness goals.
That's what makes it personal!

Key to your success. With the Infinite Fitness Team behind you, we know achieving your goals are within your reach.

Our personal training packages are tailored to fit your needs and we offer you support both in and out of the studio.

We have different options such as One on One Private Training, Partner Training and our popular Small Group Personal Training were up to 6 individuals work with a Trainer to maximize results!

You will work with us to set realistic, achievable goals and we will devise an efficient, effective program to ensure success!! Programs will include all fitness components (cardiovascular, muscular strength and endurance and flexibility) plus nutritional counseling, stress management and health and fitness educational components.

We've had the pleasure of helping a variety of clients over the years from those just getting started to elite athletes and everyone in between. Our team of diverse trainers allows us to be able to help just about anyone!

Whether you are looking to change your body SHAPE, improve your PERFORMANCE or REHAB an injury, we’re here to make it happen!

"The staff at this facility are experienced physical fitness and health experts who understand how to work with injuries and motivate clients to do their best. I've worked with several different personal trainers who accommodated a year-long foot injury, and designed workouts that helped to not further aggravate the problem. It's great too be able to trust them with my health and know that they had my best interests in mind"
~ Karen B