Pre Registered Programs & Seminars


Friday Evenings from 7 to 8 pm

Nov 3, 2017- -Healthy Habits for Big Results
This seminar will allow you to assess your nutrition know-how and will provide you with numerous habits to make healthy choices to improve your diet, manage your weight and boost your energy level.

Nov 17, 2017- -Authentic Goal Setting
What does it mean to be authentic?  How do you set goals that actually mean something to you?  Join Jessica and head into the New Year with an action plan that actually gets you excited to succeed.

Dec 1, 2017- -How to Stay Injury Free in Ride Class
Injuries are no fun for anyone!  Whether it is from over-training, bad bike fit, poor posture or terrible technique; many indoor cycling injuries can be prevented. In this session Tamsyn will discuss the most common injuries and break down the source by addressing body mechanics in motion as well as pre-hab and rehab exercises

Dec 15, 2017- -Nutrition for the Holidays
The holidays are the toughest time to keep eating in check—but it is doable!  Join us for some tips and tricks for how to stay on track even when the treats are calling!


PreNatal Pilates

Exercising while pregnant is great for both momma and baby! This class will take you through a full body workout that is appropriate for all levels of pregnancy. You’ll not only increase your balance, strength and stamina but you’ll also be prepared for your labour and delivery! Grab your mat and join some other expectant momma’s every Tuesday at 7 pm in this class just for you.
Investment of only $99 for 6-weeks.


Nov 7 - Dec 12

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PostNatal Pilates

Without a doubt this may be the most important fitness class you do post-pregnancy and by post-pregnancy, we mean from 6 weeks to 6 years (or more)!! This mat class was created especially for reconditioning your body after pregnancy and childbirth. A class focused on core-strengthening which is perfect for moms who want to focus on re-flattening the abdominal wall and strengthening the pelvic floor, hips, shoulders and back as well as target postural issues and muscle imbalances created by pregnancy. This low-impact class is suited for all fitness levels and no Pilates experience is required. We welcome you to bring your little one along (as long as they are not crawling) or come on your own. We will help you reclaim your Pre-baby body while offering you the chance to meet other moms and leave the class feeling revitalized, relaxed and toned. Diastasis recti (the splitting of your abdominal muscles), pelvic floor weakness and proper core engagement all need to be addressed. This registered class will teach you everything you need to know and will safely progress you through appropriate exercises. You’ll strengthen your whole body while building stamina and stability. Bring a blanket for baby to lie on and a mat for yourself. Classes are Wednesday's at 11 am
Investment of only $99 for 6-weeks.


Nov 8 - Dec 13