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Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (U of A)
Physical Therapist Assistant dip. (GMCC)
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
Medical Exercise Specialist (AAHFRP)
Personal Trainer Specialist (canfitpro)
Fitness Instructor Specialist (canfitpro)
Stott Pilates Certified
ilates Founder & Creator
Jessica’s passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness is contagious. She strongly believes that by living an active lifestyle you are able to truly live your life to the fullest! Her approach with clients is one based on trust and open communication. Once goals are set and an action plan is developed, her top priority is to educate, motivate and coach you to ensure those goals are met. With your commitment, Jessica guarantees you will succeed!
Jessica has been recognized as a fitness expert for national magazines including Chatelaine and Canadian Health. She has also won numerous awards for her work in the industry as both a trainer and a manager. Her personal goal of inspiring the world to fitness does not end with clients but extends to other fitness professionals as well.
As a former canfitpro PRO TRAINER she takes great pride in educating and training up and coming professionals. Jessica welcomes any questions that you have and looks forward to helping you achieve all your health and fitness goals!

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (University of Salvador, Argentina)
Bachelor in Physical Education (National Physical Education Institute, Argentina)
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
Medical Exercise Specialist (AAHFRP)
Personal Training Specialist (canfitpro)
Ask Tristan what he does for a living and he will gladly tell you he saves lives!
He has been working as a fitness professional since 1992 and has had the opportunity to work with all walks of lives including the professional athlete to those just wanting to get started. His energy and passion for this industry is renewed on a daily basis when working with both clients and fellow Infinite team members. He has also been awarded a Quality Leadership Award for his contribution as a fitness professional and his ability to inspire a team of other professionals.
Tristan believes that all goals are achievable and with his coaching and education you are guaranteed to get there!

Personal Fitness Trainer (NAIT Diploma)
Personal Trainer Specialist (canfitpro)
Fitness Instructor Specialist (canfitpro)
ilates Master Trainer (fitilates Academy)
Tamsyn Irwin is a graduate of NAIT’s Personal Fitness Trainer program and is also Certified through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology as a Certified Personal Trainer.
Tamsyn’s fitness career began at an early age. As far back as she can remember, she was involved in athletics where she developed her foundation for an active lifestyle. She worked her way up from intramural sports in school and college to being a national caliber athlete. As well as competing, Tamsyn has also devoted her time to coaching younger teams. Coaching is probably the biggest factor that led Tamsyn to want to become a fitness trainer. Over the years she has been very grateful to have had all her coaches, teachers and role models in her life. She admired what they had to offer. Tamsyn wants to pay forward what she has been so fortunate to learn.
Tamsyn’s training philosophy is mind over matter. We all know what we can do, what we don’t know is how much more we are capable of doing. She believes that our minds are stronger than any of our muscles. We need to use our mental strength in order to develop our physical strength. She will give you that push, so that you will leave your comfort zone and see what you can truly do, not only in exercise but also in everyday life. Tamsyn hopes to lead by example in helping others to embrace the world of health and fitness.

Personal Fitness Trainer (NAIT)
Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP)
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)
Fitness Instructor Specialist (canfitpro)
ilates Master Trainer (fitilates Academy)
Amber Maxwell is a graduate of NAIT - Personal Fitness Trainer program. She is certified through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology as a Certified Personal Trainer and through National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist.
Amber’s passion for fitness came with her own struggle to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. She came from a sedentary background and fitness was never a priority. What changed her life was losing weight having a trainer, and finding ways to exercise that she loves to do. She strongly believes YOU have to work hard for what you want; nothing ever came to or changed for anyone by doing nothing. She believes you CAN!
She wants to increase her client’s awareness of their health and engage them in positive behaviors for the rest of their lives. As your trainer she will be committed to being your teacher, motivator, a person to instill confidence and self-efficacy. Most importantly she wants your sessions to be fun and a way for you to unwind. Making your success happen is her motivation!

Master of Science (UBC Okanagan)
Bachelor of Human Kinetics (UBC Okanagan)
Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP)
Noelannah earned her Bachelor of Human Kinetics and Master of Science Degrees from University of British Columbia Okanagan. Her master’s thesis mapped differences in older males and females experiences of frailty, which provided direction for early diagnosis and sex-specific interventions to maintain functional independence. While in school she became a CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer and worked as a teaching and research assistant with the school of Health and Exercise Sciences at UBCO. She is currently working towards her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Alberta where she is investigating the use of technologies to improve the lives of seniors living with dementia.
Noelannah has been involved in athletics most of her life, competing as a high level gymnast, was a member of the University of Miami Co-ed Cheerleading Team from 2008-2009, and placed 3rd at the 2010 CBBF Nationals in Fitness. More recently, Noelannah was selected to compete on the Premier Women Canadian National Dragon Boat Team where her team won 3 gold and 1 silver at the 2015 World Dragon Boat Championships in Welland, Ontario.
Over the years Noelannah has been sincerely grateful for all of the opportunities her coaches and professors have provided her. She wants to be able to pay it forward and share her knowledge and experience in maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle with others. She thrives on the success of her clients and is ecstatic to help Infinite Fitness clients achieve their goals!

Bachelor of Physical Education (U of A)
Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP)
While working part time at a gym throughout his studies, Graham completed his Bachelor of Physical Education with a sports performance concentration from the University of Alberta in 2014, and after taking a year to tree plant and travel Europe, he received his Certified Personal Trainer certificate from CSEP.
Growing up, he participated in many sports but excelled at soccer in St. Francis Xavier High School’s Soccer Academy. During his time at University, he took up running and has thrived, completing marathons and 100 km ultra marathons. Currently, Graham is looking forward to a full year of ultra marathon specific training.
Aspiring to increase the performance of his clients, Graham is continually studying new movements and variations that may be applied for an individual to meet their goal. Even though researching new conditioning techniques has a personal advantage for his own training, he is always excited to share his findings as well as provide modifications. Stemming from his endurance running background, Graham’s perspective on exercise is that mental fortitude often outweighs physical strength, and he will therefore not only help train his clients to increase their physical endurance through exercise but their mental perseverance as well.
Bachelor of Physical Education (U of A)
Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP)
Growing up, Julie was always active in sports (volleyball,basketball, dance and swim). As she got older, she narrowed into volleyball and swimming, competing at provincial levels and college volleyball.
Throughout university Julie worked with multiple teams as a student trainer providing on field care for any injuries that occurred.
Fitness has always been a part of Julie's life and her favourite way to stay fit is to be in the outdoors, from hiking to grass volleyball to cross country skiing! Julie thinks there is always a way for everyone to enjoy fitness.
Personal Trainer Specialist (canfitpro)
Dominic completed his Bachelor of arts with a Early Childhood Education concentration from the University of Buffalo in 2010.
Growing up in Toronto, he participated in many sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, track, and rugby, and after pursuing his passion of becoming a professional Athlete, Dominic wanted to help people make lifestyle changes.
Aspiring to increase the performance of his clients, Dominic is continually studying new movements and variations that may be applied for an individual to meet their goal. Even though researching new high intensity techniques has a personal advantage for his own training, He is always excited to share it with his clients. Because of his athletic background, Dominic like to put a big focus on mental strength.

Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training – (Premier Training International)
Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instruction – (Premier Training International)
Personal Training Specialist – (canfitpro)
ilates Instructor (fitilates Academy)
Hannah is a qualified Personal Trainer and fitilates instructor. Having completed her education through Premier Training International; canfitro and the fitilates Academy she is extremely passionate and always looking for new ways to add to her knowledge, so she can make every class or training session even better and more effective for the client.
Growing up in England she danced and figure skated from the age of three, although her real passion for fitness and healthy living did not begin until University. Hannah injects a healthy amount of her trademark British humor into every session and likes to focus on the fun that can be had whilst working out.
In her spare time Hannah enjoys working out, traveling, drinking tea and most importantly spending lots of time with her family and friends.
Pilates instructor (CPI)
Diana has completed her comprehensive classical Pilates training at the Embody School of Pilates in Canmore, AB. This demanding program produces Pilates instructors certified to teach all types of people on all the different Pilates apparatus at all levels- from fundamentals to advanced.
Diana's philosophy when it comes to fitness stems from a famous Joseph Pilates quote: "Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." Through Pilates, Diana is committed to seeing you develop the strength, flexibility, balance, circulation, focus and body awareness that will enable you to feel free in your own body- like you could conquer anything! Whether you take a "fitlates" Reformer class or come for private sessions, Diana's focus on proper alignment and deep muscle engagement will have you applying Pilates all day long- when you're sitting at your desk, performing other workouts, playing with your kids, or even doing the dishes.
Outside of the studio Diana loves climbing mountains, reading books, and creating delicious and nutritious food.

Personal Trainer Specialist (canfitpro)
Marc was active from a young age playing all sorts of sports from childhood into his teens. Despite his activity level, Marc still struggled with being overweight. By the time he was in his mid-twenties, Marc’s weight had reached 280 pounds. It was at this point he had had enough and knew that he had to make some changes and turned to Martial Arts for the physical activity and fun!
Like any good weight-loss story though, Marc hit a plateau and turned to a Personal Trainer for help. The Trainer was able to push him harder and allow him to see further results. He also came to understand the importance nutrition and diversity played for both esthetic and performance goals!
He made the decision to get serious and compete in amateur boxing. With his new found focus, goal and commitment, the results he saw were amazing! He was able to shed the last of his excess weight and now sits comfortably around 190 pounds (yes, that’s 90 pounds total weight loss).
His own personal experience and love for helping others reach their goals, dictated his career choice and Marc became a Personal Trainer himself. His goal is for you to see an increase in your personal strength, fitness level and most importantly your confidence level! Just as he has learnt to continually push past his comfort zone, he wants you to realize that for you – for the harder you work today, the greater the result you will achieve tomorrow! Marc looks forward to working with you and creating a road map for your own success!

Bachelor of Education (U of S)
CycleFit Certification (Infinite Fitness Academy)
Teaching is nothing new for Joey ~ she graduated with a Bachelor of Education in 1991 from the University of Saskatchewan. Since then she has taught grades 4-12, in addition to coaching both Junior Boys and Senior Girls Volleyball. Growing up, Joey kept active competing in sports such as volleyball, figure skating, track and field, and softball. It wasn’t until after having her two daughters that Joey developed a love for running.
While training for her second marathon she injured her knee while playing volleyball. It was after her recovery from the surgeries that Joey realized running would never be the same and that is when she turned to the bike and fell in love with spinning. She soon joined Infinite Fitness and not long after was a regular in the Infinite Ride classes. After four years of being a client at IF, the teacher in Joey wanted more, and so in February of 2015 she achieved CycleFit Certification, and has been going strong ever since!
More than anything, Joey absolutely loves motivating people of all ages to come and ride with her, to do their best and nothing less, to set personal goals, and to leave with no regrets! She especially loves the music loud - loud enough to make you want to dance ~ but only when riding!!

Spin Instructor (Mad Dogg)
Fitness Instructor Specialist (canfitpro)
In September of 2006, Wendy first walked into Infinite Fitness, looking to expand her fitness routine beyond running a few times a week. Since then, Wendy has been a participant in every service offered by Infinite Fitness, from personal training to Pilates to group fitness classes.
Through these experiences, Wendy discovered she loves cycling.
The progression from indoor cycling participant to instructor was an easy decision for Wendy to make. She loves helping other others to feel her same passion, the sense of rider community, goal setting and ultimately crushing those goals. In May, Wendy took her passion to the next level, attaining her canfitpro FIS certification.
Wendy brings her “riders” 9 years of indoor cycling and 4 years of distance road cycling experience, enthusiasm and motivating music to every class - Feet in the pedals, head and heart in the clouds!
Some of Wendy’s favorite quotes:
“I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you I didn’t give up”
“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack” – Coco Chanel
“Maybe you could tone it down. There’s no kill switch on awesome” - Dilbert
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